Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why are we not talking Nationals baseball?

So, the Nationals have won the NL East Division Championship and are on the verge of having the best record in the NL. What is the first thing we hear about? The 1-3 Redskins and how they lost again, but there is hope with Captain Kirk...Trust me I'm a die hard Redskins fan, but let's give the boys in red some love, let's get the Natitude going! We are a little over a week away from October baseball in DC.

So join me, call into radio station, wear your Nationals polos to work, spread the word and best of all do what you have to do to get yourself a playoff ticket..there is nothing like October baseball

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The best Redskins fan on the planet?

So, I know a lot of you think you are a true Redskins fan and you think you bleed burgundy and gold. But you have not seen anything. Check this out courtesy of  USA Today.

Best Redskin fan on the planet


Nationals MLB Rank

See where the Washington Nationals rank among all MLB teams. Keep the series wins coming. Could this be the year DC fans get to see the second round of the playoffs?


Monday, December 30, 2013

Redskins Coaching Options..

Now begins what unfortunately some people call the most exciting time of the Redskins season, the offseason! Here we go again another offseason of unknown, uncertainty, and Skins fans believing next year will be a Super Bowl year.

I think Dan Snyder needs to step back and plan for his new coach. He needs to change the coaching mentality in Washington. This can no longer be the place where coaches go to get a big pay day and continually have below .500 records. Snyder needs to start by hiring a football minded GM and let him decide who will be the next head football coach. But do you really think that Snyder will give up that much control? We will see...

The available coaches are quite intriguing. Did Bill Cowher already meet with Snyder? Will John Gruden give up his ESPN gig? Will RGIII be reunited with his college coach? See who else may be available to get the next head coaching job including what I think will be a great choice, Russ Grim former HOG...


Friday, December 27, 2013

NFC East the best division in Football?

The ongoing debate that will never end is who has the best division in football. Here is my take on where the NFC East stands...

Why the NFC East is the Best:

- This division continues to be competitive. Every year all four teams have a legit chance of taking home a division championship
- The last two years have had a season finally "winner take all" and loser go home game
- The Redskins and Cowboys have arguably the biggest fan bases and the most intriguing franchises in the NFL
- All four teams really hate each other and have a storied rivalry
- All four owners spend more money than any other owner in the NFL
- Some of the most exciting and intriguing players and coaches reside in the NFC East
- The Redskins will have the most exciting off-season in the NFL

Why the NFC East is the Worst:

- The teams are just are not good enough and never can play up to the expectations each year

Whatever you think, I hope your watching football this weekend. Thanks to the NFL we have games that matter in week 17.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Redskins fans do have passion..

So your tired of losing, your tired of always having to make an excuse for the Redskins, your tired of watching ESPN and hearing about how RGIII is still hurt. Well, maybe you should call into the Sports Junkies and @1067thefan and vent your Frustrations like this guy did...

Enjoy! The Angriest Washington Redskins Fan


Monday, October 14, 2013

RGIII not the same RGIII...

Robert Griffin III started Sunday Night Football out looking like the RGIII of old with a few good runs and scrambles outside the pocket. It seemed that Redskins fans were going to get the old RGIII back and turn the season around, right? Not so fast, RGIII struggles were still evident with multiple over throws and a costly fumble that just about sealed the fate for the Redskins on Sunday night.

Photo from Washington.cbslocal.com
It seems that its going to take a lot longer to get the old RGIII back in the burgundy and gold. Maybe he is not like the Adrian Peterson, maybe he is still hurt, maybe he is not as good as we thought? Whatever it is we need to stay behind RGIII and get this season turned around. It's going to take some huge upsets, and multiple winning streaks to keep the season alive..

Redskins vs. Cowboys Recap..